VIDA's COVID-19 Plan of Action

updated 4/30/20, 7:35pm EST 

This has been a difficult and trying time for individuals, families, and businesses alike. We are grateful for the wonderful and supportive community of yogis that love VIDA and want the studio to thrive!

To catch up on prior COVID-19 communications, check out the March 16 blog post.

Based on just released Tennessee state and local government guidelines, we are now thankfully faced with the challenge of how to reopen VIDA. We feel the emphasis must be on reopening safely while adhering to the recommendations as closely as possible. The suggested guidelines for gyms and fitness centers are very restrictive for a boutique fitness facility like VIDA. Along with continued social distancing recommendations, restrictions on common areas, locker room facilities, and limited group class capacity are all significant challenges to normal operations at VIDA. We are working around the clock to ensure that we can open VIDA with a limited and restricted schedule starting Monday, May 4th, 2020.

Because we cannot offer services to the fullest extent, we have decided NOT to restart memberships until VIDA is much closer to full-operating capacity. We will be offering a very limited schedule initially and overtime add classes to accommodate demand within the state’s guidelines and our facilities’ capacity. In the meantime, we will be offering pricing for single classes at $15 a class. Classes will be limited to 15 participants per class. Because classes are limited and capacity is limited, all classes must be prepaid, are non-refundable and non-transferable. Although this is not ideal, it is imperative in allowing access for all.

Reopening FAQ

Memberships were frozen the week of March 15th and will remain frozen until we can return to more normal operation.

We don’t feel it is right to start memberships back until we can offer similar services to what we were able to offer when you purchased your membership. Our normal schedule allows for 25-35 classes per week with capacity for 40 people in the hot room and 25 in the barre room. That allows many opportunities to utilize an unlimited membership. With the current restrictions, drop-in rates allow participants to have a guaranteed spot in a class after they have purchased the class.

Typically, there are several people that sign-up for a class ahead of time and no-show. Generally, there is adequate space and a schedule that can accommodate everyone, so no-shows are not an issue. With this modified schedule, the studio cannot absorb the burden of classes that are not full (15 participants). If you pay for the class and no-show, the studio can justify continuing to operate under the restricted conditions given by the State of Tennessee.

Once you sign-up for a class, that is one spot that keeps another person from being able to sign-up. In order to know if we need to add more classes to the schedule, we must have knowledge about how full classes are. This also prevents people for signing up for multiple classes that they may or may not attend.

We must adhere to the guidelines set out by the state. Adherence to these guidelines does not permit us to run a schedule and classes at full capacity. If we see that are our classes are staying full, we will add more to the schedule. If classes are not full, we will continue with the 2 classes/day.

We are adhering to the State of Tennessee’s recommendation for social distancing.

In accordance with the State of Tennessee’s guidelines, we are not using blocks, straps or other equipment that is shared between participants in the studio. We will add back RDS classes once we are allowed to issue studio equipment to participants.

Our heated classes are the most requested and most popular classes. In order to have an efficient schedule with classes at capacity, we are offering classes that are the most popular. If you would like to schedule a barre class and can get 15 participants to prepay, we are happy to schedule a private group class. Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in this.

We are not allowing instructors or staff to take classes unless there is space available within 5 minutes of class starting. Staff and instructors are also required to pay the same $15 drop-in rate for classes. However, we do not want to neglect our instructors so individual instructors may volunteer their time to teach to instructors and staff for unadvertised classes.

Small group and private classes may be available on a limited basis. If you are interested in this, please contact [email protected]

Many of the 6am participants shower after class and get ready for work at the studio. Based on the recommendations by the State of Tennessee, we are not opening our changing rooms for anything other than utilizing the toilets and sinks.

Based on the recommendations of the State of Tennessee, we are restricted from using anything shared or rented including mats, mat towels, cold towels (end of class), blocks, straps, weights, bands, etc.

We are keeping a close watch on the numbers and will add classes if all current scheduled classes are at or near capacity.