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Graphic promoting a three part yoga foundations workshop led by Jen Eddings at VIDA Hot Yoga


Backbends, Arm Balances, Inversions

November 17, December 8, January 5

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Three-Part Workshop Intensive With Jen Eddins

Join guest teacher Jen Eddins for a workshop intensive that takes a deep dive into backbends, arm balances and inversions. If you’re looking to grow your practice, an understanding of how to harness the power of these three elements together can be the catalyst for major breakthroughs.

Foundations of Backbending, Saturday, November 17 from 3-5 PM

Simple, accessible postures for opening the shoulders, chest, hips and hamstrings as well as deeper explorations of backbending postures. This workshop will be a blend of discussion and practice as we cover both an anatomical breakdown of backbending as well as the emotional side of heart opening. Many students are surprised to learn that a strong backbending practice is an important factor in a strong arm balance and inversion practice.

Foundations of Arm Balancing, Saturday, December 8 from 3-5 PM

This fun and explorative workshop will teach you the key tools and tricks for practicing arm balances and how to incorporate them into your flow. Some of the poses that will be included are crow, side crow, mountain climber, chin stand, flying pigeon and flying splits.

Foundations of Inverting, Saturday, January 5 from 3-5 PM

Your inversion practice is about so much more than mastering a handstand. Jen will help you truly understand the mechanics of going upside down and how to build a strong and safe inversions practice from the ground up. We will work on prep and practice for headstand, forearm balance and handstands.


These weekend workshops are open to all levels but geared towards beginner and intermediate practitioners. The only thing required to attend is the willingness to try and a sense of humor. These postures are an excellent tool for teaching fearlessness and confidence both on and off the mat.


Non members: $90 for all three workshops, or $35 drop in for each. 

VIDA members: $60 for all three workshops, or $25 drop in for each

For individual workshops: Sign up now on our schedule page, just select the date/calendar icon at the top and set the date of the workshop you would like to attend. You can also register through the MINDBODY app.